Our Mission

“Our desire is to bring the Downingtown community together in an effort to promote environmental literacy and ecological coexistence. We plan to restore the local habitat through the usage of native plants and responsible gardening practices in hopes of uniting the community with its natural roots. This initiative has the potential to establish a unique identity to the borough by rooting a name for Downingtown within the prestigious horticultural community of Chester County”

How We Began – The Spark

Restore Our Roots is an official sub-committee of Downingtown’s Parks and Recreation Committee as of Fall 2019. We were originally a group of Downingtown residents and Chester County locals that saw how the county and locality of the borough was developing at such a quick pace. We gathered during the summer of this year believing that there was an opportunity for the borough to develop in a more sustainable way, and we wanted to be part of that effort. We also recognized that Chester County was becoming more diverse in background and wanted to provide a space for both long-term locals and newcomers to talk together, work cooperatively, understand one another, and possibly form strong communal bonds.

Inclusivity Statement

Restore Our Roots is a community-based gardening. Our goal is to connect the community around us to the amazing benefits of nature which cannot happen without the diversity and uniqueness of every individual or the respect if one another for those differences. All are welcome towards our goal, including people of all races, ethnicities, religions, gender identities, ability levels, and ages.

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