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Restore Our Roots has registered in the ‘Community Wildlife Habitat program(™) through the National Wildlife Federation. We’re working hand in hand with Downingtown Borough and the Downingtown Shade Tree Commission to bolster our work of restoring habitat, and recreate shared spaces for our wildlife friends, and certify our entire community as a Community Wildlife Habitat.


We need habitat! Our wildlife friends and the pollinators that support our food chain are facing a number of threats. With a few thoughtful actions, we can do our part to help. Learn more with these helpful resources from the National Wildlife Federation:

  • Habitat Loss – What are the major sources of habitat loss, and what can we do to help?
  • Pesticides – Going organic and encouraging beneficial insects is a cleaner, greener way to manage garden pests. 
  • Lawn Fertilizers – By saying “no” to traditional lawn maintenance we can help create safer, healthier yards for our own families and for wildlife.
  • Mosquito Sprays – They don’t just kill mosquitos. They’re harmful to our beneficial pollinators as well.
  • Light Pollution – Outdoor lighting has a negative effect on bird migration, firefly mating, and nighttime pollinators like moths.

So, what can we do? Downingtown is fortunate to have various groups, businesses, and individuals all pulling on their boots and donning their gloves to create and preserve habitat. We hope that our efforts to get certified will help bring us all together, boost public awareness, and build a united community in our conservation work.




Every resident in our 19335 zip code can help. And if you’re not a Downingtown resident, we still say “Thank you!” Your habitat helps in the wider community.

First, create your own backyard habitat by providing 5 basic elements to support wildlife: Food, Water, Cover, Places to Raise Young, and Sustainability.

Next, certify your habitat. Every Downingtown resident who certifies will help ROR get our community certification. We need 150 Habitat Points with the help of native gardeners and wildlife stewards just like you.

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A special THANK YOU to our dedicated partners who are all helping us to create a community of caring. We couldn’t do this without your support.



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